Asian Characters in Ads

  • [size=5][/size]I am getting Vivaldi set up and find that Asian characters are coming in with any ads. What settings parm sets a language for ads?? Thanks, Bart

  • I would guess the ad server which is probably NOT on the site(s) you see them.
    But without examples to look at, who knows?

  • When you do Cmd-Shift-3, a screenshot of your whole screen is taken and saved on your Desktop as a png file. This is a universal system shortcut that works in every application, including Vivaldi. I generally prefer to take screenshots with Cmd-Shift-4, because you can then take a screenshot of an individual window or even a manual selection of the screen. For more details, see here.

    Also, I've merged your new thread into this existing one, to keep things a bit more organized.


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