Webpage zoom resets to 100% in Windows 10 tablet mode.

  • I don't know how much energy is put in solving issues for tablet users. It looks like the last beta (1.3.537.5 64-bit) has worsened one old issue. Using the keyboard I can set up and use webpage zoom at will. I usually set it around 135%. Now with the last beta, whenever the computer goes into tablet mode the webpage zoom factor is reset to 100%. If I connect the keyboard back the zoom stays at 100% and I have to get back to settings to set it again. In tablet mode changing the webpage zoom factor has no effect at all. I used to plug the keyboard and set it, but no more, I am stuck at 100%. The UI zoom factor works properly, in both tablet and keyboard modes. My computer is: Asus T100HA. I wonder if Microsoft Surface users have the same issue.

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    The developers don't test in tablets or tablet mode, nor do the internal testers. That is a concern for a future time.

  • IIRC there were some words saying that tablets might get some attention in version 2. Guess your focus has understandably shifted to Apple. Oh well, looks like I'm going to continue using Chrome on my windows tablet. See you some time in the future, maybe.

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    There has never been any word from the developers concerning a time line as to when they might begin mobile development. this or that user might have ventured a guess, but there is no basis for even a guess at this point.

    Tablets are a bit of an odd duck. They are not truly mobile devices, and they are not PCs. Their hybrid nature and touch interfaces present challenges for even a mature browser, to say nothing of one that is still in its infancy.

    I can't imagine why developer focus might shift to Apple. That makes no sense whatever. iOS is, for all intents and purposes, closed to Vivaldi, and tho there is a Mac version, Mac users are a tiny minority of the user base. We're just lucky to even have a couple of developers with experience in OSX, so that some Mac troubleshooting can occur.

    So, yes, if all you have is a convertible tablet, then Vivaldi might be more suited to your platform at some future date.

  • Just a quick one, about the last build: 1.3.551.13, 64-bit. This one is so far the best I've seen on my Win10 tablet. No thorough analysis, but for my use just about everything (desktop features) works properly in tablet mode. Zoom is now okay on both the webpages and the UI, and the UI gets a good focus. So your work on other issues had a good impact on the tablet functions too. For the better! On this build Vivaldi is more pleasing to use than Chrome. Of course the tablet-specific features like pinch-zoom or swipe would still be desireable but still, I am back at using Vivaldi on all my computers. 🙂
    (I'm sure that a tablet manufacturer would give to you guys one of their computers for development purposes. We're talking about a $350. value)


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