[Bug] Leaving Settings open and closing the browser window, then settings –> browser broken

  • If you value your tabs and your new Vivaldi browser (which I like so far), don't try this: 1.) Open a browser window, open a few pages if you like 2.) Open the settings window 3.) Close the browser window 4.) Now close the settings window --> Every time you open Vivaldi from now on, it will only open the settings window. You can try to rightclick --> open new window, nothing happen. I had it as standard browser, and even when I clicked on a link, I could hear the video playing (youtube link) but the browser window was nowhere. I'd be glad if this would help you! EDIT: If I press CTRL + N, it opens a new window, but the old window (with the youtube links) is still invisible, and playing the music. The new window is empty.

  • Same behavior! Think I the Settings window needs to be opened in modal way, not allowing to interact with the previous/main window.

  • The same problem, pressing Cmd+T creates new tab and fixes Window for me.

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