Background window blinking

  • Hi all! When i updated vivaldi from 1.3.519.25 to 1.3.534.3, i noticed a problem: browser window blinks with parts of background window (total commander, uTorrent, Steam, etc.) while loading any page. I disabled all of the extensions, that didnt solve my problem. I tried to delete user data dir - same result. Only rollback to previous version (1.3.519.25 or earlier) gave the result. Today i updated to 1.3.537.5 - same problem. What im doin wrong?

  • I still have this problem with last snapshot (1.3.551.13) and last video drivers (radeon crimson 16.7.3).
    I didnt get response for this topic, thats why i think most of users dont have this problem.
    How should i fix it?

    ps: i have recorded small video with my problem.

  • I have fixed it by myself: i changed windows theme from basic to aero (or classic) and suddenly bug dissapeared!
    I think new version of chromium conflicts with windows 7 basic theme oO

  • I have this very annoying problem too :(

  • @abysan:

    I have this very annoying problem too :(

    What version of windows do u have?

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