Drand and Drop Links between Tiled Tabs BUG

  • Hello, Vivaldi has bug when I open tiled tabs (only way to select two tabs and keep them selected and click Tile 2 Tabs), so when I have 2 tiled tabs currently open, I want to drag and drop one link to between these tabs and It does good job but for some reason it open in front new tab with same site and I have to close it and come back to that tiled tab again and see it there. please fix opening new tabs with site in Front, why? I don't need it, I have already dropped it to tiled tab. Also can you please add function, when I right click on link: "Open in tilled tab". P.S. Is there any Opera features such as Open Youtube video on top of the windows? Opera is super fast too.

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    I can get it to behave as you want by dragging a link from the right tab to the left tab.

    If I drag a link from the left tab to the right tab, nothing happens at all.

    Open any YouTube video and add it as a web panel. Then you can watch it in the panel while browsing.

  • It should work, right now I run it in Windows 10, seems works but with this bug.

    You can ready Theread when I requested this feature long ago:

    About Opera's Youtube video, you know what I talking about.
    Picture in Picture Opera's Video on top of other windows, such as Photoshop. Really well made in Opera, I know new MacOS Sierra have some function copied from Opera's browser. If Vivaldi could have this feature (I surprised it still not) it would be great feature for all users who want to watch youtube in small pop up window.


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