A lot of disk writes

  • Vivaldi 1.3.534.3 Windows 10 As of today a lot of hard disc noise; 😞 Vivaldi generates an excessive amount of disk writes. Disabling hardware acceleration did not help. Encountered same bug in an earlier version of Vivaldi. Annoying john

  • Vivaldi Team


    I am not able to reproduce this. Have you looked at the task manager (Shift-Esc) to see if you have a tab running out of control? Does this happen if you have Vivaldi running with only one blank (speed dial) tab open? You could also look at the Windows task manager as well to see if Vivaldi is out of control.

    And finally, are you absolutely sure it's Vivaldi? 😉

    //Christian - Clones are people two

  • hi
    1: Indeed almost silent with only speeddial and this forum open
    2: with 3 tab open io reads rising >10000

  • thanks.
    where can i find user profile?

  • File / Help / About
    See "Profile Path"


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