Tabs are not saved after restarting the computer

  • Hi, I've noticed that every time I restart my computer all my tabs are gone (except for the pinned tabs). I can get them back, by using the trashcan, but then all my tab groups are gone and I need to manually group everything together again. This only happens when I restart, if I just close the browser window and open it again, everything's ok. I'm on Windows 7, latest version of Vivaldi, I have some extensions, but I've already tried it with all them disabled, no difference. Thanks, Nicole

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    Extensions can often mess with you even when they are disabled. To be sure they are not gumming things up, you have to uninstall them.

    Another user had your exact same issue, and it was only solved by uninstalling the offending extension. Disabling it did not affect the problem.

  • Hm, ok, I've uninstalled Session Buddy which I assumed could cause the problem, but still no change. I always get only the pinned tabs.
    Other than that I have Hypershoot which is for bookmarking, Pinterest and Symantec Authentication Client Extension (which I can't remove as it's mandatory on my work laptop) - none of which have anything to do with tabs…
    Any other ideas?

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    The stumbling block for the other user was a security extension (Browsec?) which also appeared to have nothing to do with tabs. Disabled, it did not help. Removed, it cured the problem.

    Something you might try: check menu/help/about and note the "Profile Path" location. At that location, with Vivaldi closed, re-name the "Default" folder. Re-open Vivaldi and see if it is behaving normally. If so, install your extensions one at a time, testing after each add-back. When you are satisfied you have a working configuration, then add your vital data files back to the new folder, and re-do your settings. This is called "cleaning" or "re-setting" your profile. Because Vivaldi does not natively contain the error you are experiencing - ie, it is being caused by an outside influence, this technique is highly likely to cure your problem.

  • Nope, same issue even with the reset version.
    As soon as I restart the computer, the tabs are gone, gone, gone. Any other setting in Vivaldi that could cause this?
    It wouldn't really be an issue, if Vivaldi saved the complete session (including the tab groupings) instead of just the tabs in the trashcan. Then I could just restore the session…

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    I'm assuming you have Vivaldi set to "Startup With Last Session" yes? You have it installed in its normal location? You have no 3rd party cleaner or security software that prevents unwanted software execution or blocks alteration of files?

  • I still don't know what caused the issue, but I've updated my computer to Windows 10 and now it works! Maybe whatever stopped that feature from working was uninstalled in the process, because I still have the same extensions and settings as I've backed up my profile folder…strange...

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    Well, while the mystery is not solved, the problem is! Glad to hear it!


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