Bitmap fonts?

  • Hi, is it possible to use bitmap fonts (aka type1 fonts) like Adobe Helvetica etc. in Vivaldi? For the GUI as well as for the webpages? Whatever I define as font for webpages, they always show sth. else. Likely their own css definition overrules any setting in vivaldi. For the GUI, vivaldi is ignoring all settings in .gtkrc-2.0. gtk-font-name = "Adobe Helvetica 10" e.g. works for the menu bar in Firefox and almost every other gtk2-based program. I can influence the menubar font by setting the "sans serif" font for webpages (which is strange, the GUI should be separated), but whenever I chose a bitmap font here, the menubar falls back to some standard font. Chosing TTF fonts for the menubar works. Is it possible to enforce GUI fonts with some css file? I'd like to use the old bitmap fonts because I use very small fonts and the unaliased bitmap fonts with their own definitions for almost every size are way better readable than small, anti-aliased fonts. cu, Frank


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