[Regression/bug] 1.3.534.3/French - Missing translations

  • Hello, Some translations are/have gone missing : - In speed dial, when right clicking on a speed dial folder, "[b]open all speed dials[/b]" is not translated anymore, it is in English; on the previous build it was translated correctly. - When hovering the new tab button "[b]Open a new tab[/b]" isn't translated either. - When hovering the close tab button, "[b]Close tab Alt-click to close other tabs except this one[/b]" misses translation too. - Several rigt-click menu items on tabs are also reverted to english, after working correctly in the previous build ([b]Reload tab, Move tab to, Bookmark tab, Hibernate tab, Hibernate background tabs[/b]) - Some other contect menu items ([b]Reload image, Open link in background tab[/b]) There may be others that I missed, but these ones I can confirm. [i](Developer tools aren't translated either, but they're not under Chrome either, so this must be a Chromium thing, and not under Vivaldi's responsibility.)[/i] Vivaldi 1.3.534.3 x64 build, French localization.

  • The issue still happens in latest build (1.3.544.25), for the same text elements.

    x64 French build on Windows 10 x64.


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