1.3.534.3 ate my fonts.

  • [color=#8800ff]Well, not a single other user seems to have reported this, but for me this new SS has been visually nasty [Linux only (2 separate PCs); is fine in Win10]. Unless someone knows a simple quick fix for this font mess, i fear i'll need to create a brand new profile, then re-customise it fully again, [i][b]for the umpteenth time[/b][/i]. Oh exasperation, there goes the arvo, once more. I sure hope once i get to the other side of this [i]repeat[/i] mountain, i find some great new things in this SS to justify the pain. ....................................................................................... My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.[/color] [attachment=4059]Buggeredfonts1_20160712_13:15:13.png[/attachment] [attachment=4060]Buggeredfonts2_20160712_13:17:30.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/26803/Buggeredfonts1_20160712_13:15:13.png[/img],[img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/26803/Buggeredfonts2_20160712_13:17:30.png[/img]

  • Thank you Steffie, for calling my attention to this new snapshot!

    My desktop environment at the moment is Mate on Devuan Jessie. I didn't change any font but in system settings - appearance - font - application fonts there are 40 fonts to choose from. In KDE on Mint there should be a similar or even greater number of choices. Did you try different fonts already? May be it's easier to get used to a new font than to rebuild a whole profile.

  • Hiya RJules3 😛

    I've now tried the latest SS in multiple VMs [[i]but not yet in my primary Mint KDE OS, which is still at 1.3.519.23 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)] on my Tower, & last night in my Lappy's real Mint KDE OS. The fonts have been buggered in all of them. In a couple of them i tried changing the default font within V's Settings, but it didn't help. Just now, on Tower, in its Mint 17.3 KDE VM [~same config settings as my real OS; used as a testbed before committing new stuff / big changes on my real OS] i changed the KDE system font as you suggested. After restarting V, its buggered fonts were still buggered.

    Just now, in a Mint Mate 17.3 VM i completely removed an old V SS, then did a clean install of the latest V SS, then browsed to the V Blog, & to Wikipedia… both of which display tickety-boo, ie, the latest SS is not inherently stuffed, thus it must be what i suspected from the outset... Chrome52 hates my existing profile. Many of us have played this game before, haven't we; i shudder every time there's a new complete-version update of Chrome, as it breaks so many things. Still, my whingeing aside, i'm not interested in retreating to the Stable build; i want all my latest SS goodies, teehee!!

    Now to begin building my clean profile... again. Yay, such fun.

  • UPDATE – Haha, too funny! I discovered, entirely by accident, exactly what Chrome52 had broken re the fonts, after which the workaround was easy! In Settings - Webpages - Fonts - Default Fonts, for a long time i have used a fairly exotic font for V's Sans-serif choice; Padauk. That's the one that C52 broke. Simply selecting another now (Ubuntu Condensed], made all those broken webpages work properly again. Who'd a thunk it? Phew!

  • @Steffie:

    … Haha, too funny! ... made all those broken webpages work properly again. ...

    Glad to hear you solved the problem!


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