[SOLVED] Oh, no! "Typed URL" drop-down list is gone…

  • Just "upgraded" to 64-bit version 1.3.534.3 and the drop-down list of typed URLs is gone. [i]NOOOOO!!!!![/i] Clicking on the down arrow in the address bar does nothing, whether in blank tab or a tab with a web site open. Thinking maybe the old list just got erased, I typed in a URL and pressed enter. Still no drop-downlist. This needs urgent fixing.

  • It happened to me to but when I restarted the browser it worked again.

  • Restarting Vivaldi didn't bring it back, but rebooting Windows did. Thank heavens. I use that list a lot, and in fact, I asked in another thread that the list be editable like in Opera 12.

    So, sorry folks, but this was a false alarm.


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