Tabs: Opera Stacks v FF TreeStyle

  • I'm curious if whether there will be any consideration for FF TreeStyleTabs as opposed to (only) Opera Stack-like behaviour? I was of the mind that Opera Stacks [b]were[/b] awesome, but over the last year or so I've grown quite fond of Piro's TreeStyleTab implementation (in FireFox) --- it seems far more versatile than Opera's single stacks. Any tab can have a parent-tab, as opposed to a single stack. The only thing that Piro's TreeStyleTab doesn't do, is allow you to collapse a tree, while leaving a child-tab the active tab; if you collapse a tree, the parent becomes active. I realize there's lots of work to be done, and Vivaldi isn't really in shape yet for every day usage --- considering Tabs on the left wind up as Large thumbnails instead of an actual vertical (slim) tab... its still quite impressive what such a small team has accomplished thus far. I worry that I've perhaps become too attached to the TreeStyle of tabs, which might impede my adoption of Vivaldi in the future. So is there any consideration that the Vivaldi crew might implement Tree Style Tabs alongside the further refinement of Tab "stacking" ?

  • Another curious TreeStyleTabs user here! 🙂

    If it is not considered as a main feature to Vivaldi, what are the possibilities for an extension developer to create it?

  • I've tried SideWise with Vivaldi (offline install). Unfortunately SideWise causes Vivaldi to crash before the window is shown.

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    I kind of hate Sidewise. The fact that I had to use it with Opera was one of the persistent annoyances that made me jump the instant I saw side tabs here. Of course I also kind of hate tree-style tabs in general, so if they ever come to Vivaldi, I would hope desperately they would come as an option, rather than the only way side tabs could be done.

    It took Opera nearly six months of development on the WebKit engine for the browser to become able to install and work with sidewise, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to become compatible here.

  • Not hoping for it to become compatible. Hoping for actual TreeStyle Tabs, as an option instead of solely tab-stacking.

    As it stands right now, Vivaldi with tabs on the sides isn't very usable - the tabs are Thumbnails, you can only make them "title-bar-sized" by pinning, and if you pin they can't be stacked.

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    I have three tabs pinned and stacked.


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