More posts on one page, please

  • More posts on one page, please. I think there are only 20? Could you please give an [i]option [/i]to show 1000 at once? It's just text; and with modern internet speeds and computer memory sizes, 1000 should be no problem (for the computers). . BTW: told me to enter the correct captcha, but posted my post anyway! (So, when I keyed in the new captcha, I got the error of 'duplicate post'.)

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    Loading a 1,000 posts is ridiculous. It's not just the speed at the user's end, which only affects one user, but the load on the servers affects the speed of the entire forum for everyone. The default of 25 is fine, with an option for 50 or 100 for those who prefer it. If you don't visit the forum very often it saves some time if you want to view threads from the last week.

    In the Vivaldi for Windows forum, which is perhaps the busiest one, the last post on page 4 is currently the topic started 06 Jul 2016 09:55 by ydnartitcomb, which is more than a week ago.

    On the All Platforms forum the 100th thread was started on 9 Apr 2016 20:57 by electic


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