• Olá, eu não consigo visualizar as senhas salvas no meu navegador. Só aparece a opção de EXCLUIR àquela senha salva e não de visualizar qual é a senha como no Chorme, por exemplo. Alguém pode me ajudar? :( :(

  • vivaldi://settings/search#password

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    Please use English in this forum, or provide a translation.

    @Google Translate:

    Hello, I cannot view the saved passwords in my browser. Only the option appears to delete that saved password and not to see what is the password is as in Chorme, for example. Can someone help me?

    I think that the link you're looking for is this one: chrome://settings/passwords

    There is a Portuguese Forum where you can use your own language.

    Please turn off Caps Lock too. There is no need to shout to get attention.

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