It is hard to see the loading bar in the adress field

  • I find it hard to see the loading bar in the adress field. There should be a little more contrast to the surrounding color. Using Windows 10 with automatic window color. So maybe that is part of the problem as it is also not ready yet. Testing the preview browser on the preview OS 🙂 Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I'm using Windows 7 and I also agree its hard to see.

    They made it that way probably so its not bugging users to much, make it as less intrusive as possible, I can understand they made it on purpose that way but in my case, I actually prefer to see it. If they made it very visible I'm sure some people would say its distracting them. In my case I prefer to have a visual clue when a website/webapp is loading.

    But I think this problem can be easily solved. They should give the user an option to change the color to their own preference and problem solved.

  • I'm using OS X Yosemite and the contrast appears to be fine. I have little trouble seeing the loading bar in the address field. I'll have to fire up my Windows machine later and see what it looks like on Windows 8.1.

  • Check out
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi\Application\\resources\vivaldi\style\common.css

    Modify (increase) opacity to your liking:


  • Thanks ! Just put it to .2, was fine.

    Do you know where we can find a documentation about this CSS file ?
    8000 lines is a little too big for me to check out one by one :lol:

  • @Flykz:

    Thanks ! Just put it to .2, was fine.

    Thanks. .2 worked for me also.

  • Helsten's idea is awesome. If you want to do a little easier route if you're not comfortable with editing program files you can try is going into tools > settings from the main menu and uncheck "color tabs" under tab options. From then on I believe all tabs will have a generic black or gray color and the loading bar will match with a black or gray color. May be a little easier to see for some.

  • I also have an idea: showing the loading bar on the tab.

    It's useful when it's loading a page that is not active at the moment.


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