Issues with copy and pasting on Canvas

  • I use the website Canvas when i'm doing my homework assignments. For some reason on Mac the right click for options doesn't work on the site.

  • Moderator

    Is there an address that you can give us where we can examine the issue (without needing your login infos)?

    Also, there are multiple ways to do a right click on a Mac, for instance:

    • click the right button of a mouse
    • hold down Ctrl while you do a normal (i.e., left) click
    • right click with your trackpad based on the setting System Preferences->Trackpad->Point & Click->Secondary Click (e.g., "click to tap with two fingers", etc.)

    Which way did you try to do a right click on that site and does it make a difference whether you do a Ctrl-Click or do the right click with your mouse or trackpad?

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