2 bugs or "feature issues" - how can I report them?

  • Found 2 issues - one where when trying to edit a facebook comment, placing the cursor into a line of text does not place a plain pointer, instead an (forgive the old guy's wrong use of terms) editing pointer that will not allow inserting text - instead a weird cut, insert the typed character, then continue that pattern, instead of just type and correct. The other is on a particular government web site where one is asked to enter SSN. The correct digits are accepted into the box, yet when the "submit" button is clicked, the first 5 digits are deleted and not transmitted, resulting in an error message from the site. Suspect both issues are not site related - neither showed up when using Firefox. Running latest version of Windows 10, and the latest version of Vivaldi. Is there a Vivaldi resource to send the particulars to?

  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests can be sumbitted to the Bug Report Wizard.

    There's a Feature Requests thread in the All Platforms forum with a list of common Feature Requests in the first post, to try to avoid too many duplicates.


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