Browsing history needs to evolve and Vivaldi can pioneer it!

  • [url=]This[/url] article gives a good explanation of why the way that current browsers handle history is highly lacking. I feel like browsing history is due for an update and Vivaldi is in the perfect position to pioneer the change. People don't get their answers from one sequential list of pages anymore. Shouldn't browser history evolve to meet the need?

  • I would personally like that. I'm afraid that it would require a lot of time to develop and probably it would slow down the browser.
    I think that not many people use history at all and making it more complicated would repel some that do. So extension would probably be best compromise.

  • So browsing is a series of activities.
    1 Searching starts a new activity
    2 You might change the search terms a few times, then chase some links
    3 Then browse through the particular pages till you find information of interest (or not)

    Alternative activities might be triggered by a reading an email or other message

    I visit my email provider's webmail site
    I open an email
    it refers to something or perhaps has a link that I need to read

  • So KISS

    Option 1 Session replay
    Replay web sites from a given point in the log.
    Perhaps only those that were links from a certain tab?

    Option 2 Waypoints
    bit like notes - Manually add a history entry that records a bit of a page - maybe just record creation of a note?

  • First I would like to just see Vivaldi's address field simply be able to take multiple (space-separated) search words, to narrow down history and bookmark suggestions when typing into the address bar (as classic Opera did). This was enormously useful for bringing up recently visited pages that I couldn't remember the exact name of, or even re-finding useful info I'd forgotten I'd previously visited or bookmarked (just by starting to type in search terms to do a web search, and finding "Oh, that already matches one of my bookmarks from when I previously had to look up exactly this info.").

    In addition to searching the titles, URLs and descriptions of history and bookmark entries, Opera 12 even included in the search any still-cached page text. Somehow it kept this searching extremely fast. (Perhaps by maintaining a word index?)

    As an example, right now, if I start retyping the exact title of a page into the address bar, Vivaldi will bring that up as a search suggestion: e.g., I just read in The Atlantic a news article titled "Archiving a Website for Ten Thousand Years", so if I type into the address bar "archiving a website" it'll offer the previously visited page as suggestion. While that's nice, typing just "archiving website" fails to bring that up, because that's not the exact phrase match. Opera 12 would retrieve the matching history or bookmark entry, no exact phrasing needed. And what's more, in Opera 12, even if I don't remember the title of the page at all, I can type into the address bar some words (not an exact phrase) I remember from the article's text, say, "data nickel plate", and the recently visited page instantly gets listed as a suggestion below the input field.

    Getting this functionality in Vivaldi would be extremely useful to me, and, I'm guessing, to a decent number of other people.

  • This would also be a great feature or possibly a good first step toward the enhanced history I dream of someday having.


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