Custom icons for speed dial

  • Will custom icons for speed dial ever be implemented? It's not easy to deal with screenshots all around the speed dial as how it works right now. I just want the logo of the page or brand for easy find instead of a screenhot of the whole page. Maybe you'd like to have a look at FVD Speed Dial and take some ideas of this great add-on.

  • Moderator

    More speed dial options, including custom images, will be offered.

    The guy who founded Vivaldi also ran the team that invented Speed Dial (which everyone then copied), with some of the same developers who work for Vivaldi now. I personally kind of hate FVD, and look forward to this team following their own lead with further development of Speed Dial, just as they already have by introducing hierarchical folders to it - a feature which no other speed dial has.

  • Community Manager

    Great news with the latest snapshot it's now possible to upload your own thumbnails. 🙂


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