No border/title in mwm and ctwm

  • Hi, first of all: thank you so much for this browser! I'm still working with Opera 11, missing so many of its features in all modern browers, and now you are bringing almost every cool feature from old Opera versions back 🙂 But trying to evaluate Vivaldi I didn't get very far: The vivaldi window get's no border/title/icons in ctwm or mwm and so it cannot easily be moved or iconized etc. It does work in twm or fvwm, thus it seems to be the fault of ctwm/mwm. But on the other hand, chromium or opera 38 work fine in ctwm/mwm, so vivaldi must have added something specific that ctwm doesn't understand. And it's the first time I see a program getting no border and title in ctwm. Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason for that? And if it could be fixed in vivaldi or if ctwm must get patched? cu, Frank

  • Found some more that are still used a lot at our department: blackbox and fluxbox also show no border/title. fluxbox is a little better, it can move and resize the vivaldi window by grabbing it at vivaldis own bar (where it has its own icons etc.) or its corners. Blackbox, like ctwm, can neither move nor resize.

  • Hi, check appearance > use system window in settings or:


    Cheers, mib

  • That worked, thanks a lot 🙂 In the meantime I learned that vivaldi likely sends motif request not to decorate the window and ctwm/mwm respect this request (can be ignored in ctwm by the MWMIgnore setting).


  • The more flexible solution seem Openbox, atm.

    While other windows managers have the ability to open windows w/o the decorations, that usually means also no morder and the inability to move/resize the window.

    Openbox instead can hide just the decoration (title bar) leaving the window manageable.

  • If others stepping onto this topic with the same problem: Although the vivaldi window is named "untitled" in the icons manager and the windows list and its title bar, it can be referenced by "vivaldi-stable" by e.g. the f.warpto function in ctwm. Applying "xprop" to the vivaldi windows shows that "vivaldi-stable" is defined in the WM_CLASS.



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