Usernames Color & Link Status Inconsistencies

  • I've noticed that without rhyme or reason, without logic or pattern, the Usernames are sometimes Black and are NOT links ... while other times they are Red and ARE links. Then I hadn't noticed this until one of my friends informed me. Apparently sometimes, depending on where in Vivaldi you click on my Username, it takes you to my Blogger Blog instead of my Vivaldi Blog or Profile. I mean, I have no problem with people going to visit my Blogger Blog, but I would think that my Username on Vivaldi would always take me and others exclusively to my Vivaldi Blog or Profile. So yeah, the color of Usernames needs to be made uniform. And the Usernames need to be given link status all the time.

  • I did some checking around and for a while there I thought I had discovered the common denominator. It started to appear like whenever I used those animated GIF Smilies, which I have hosted at BlogSpot … that's when my Username displays in Red and has link status. I figured maybe the fact that the Smilies are hosted at BlogSpot, that's why the Red link was redirecting to my Blogger Blog.

    But, then I noticed when I used only the non-animated GIF Smilies, which are also hosted at BlogSpot ... my Username would display in Black and not have link status.

    But, then the theory started falling apart when I saw some comments where I didn't use ANY Smilies at all and my Username there still displayed in Red and had link status.

  • I also saw that the Username of one of my friends also displays in Red and has link status a lot of times. In her case, she doesn't even use those animated Smilies like I do. But, what I did notice is that usually when her Username displays in Red and has link status is when she has used BBCode to modify the text in those comments.

  • I get red links only with hover, using a Touch phone.

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