File paths as bookmarks

  • Hi, I'm new in this community. I'm using now vivaldi, and i like it very much. I like its bookmark managment is fantastic to organize my ifnormations... I want to propose to add to bookmarks also local files paths... in order to create folder structure that work as Buckets that join different sources in one place organized as i need them. I think is useful, because I daily use different documents that are on Onedrive (company cloud backup) , gdrive (customer repository) or dropbox (personal dropbox)... or local (my personal pc)... all this can help me create folders as a collection of data that can be helpfull to me for the job that i'm doing. This feature allow to organize the documents in repositories as the organizations or persons want, while bookmark folders allow to creare a representation of my needs to manage a particular problem. So the possibility to bookmark pc files allow us to have a tool that allow to connect the web with my pc. 🙂 Add bookmark capability for files: "file:///Users/AL_A/Documents/myfile.txt" best regards, AL_A

  • Welcome to the forum AL_A!

    With Onedrive or Dropbox I am not familiar but local files can be bookmarked without any problems. Your example 'file:///Users …' looks like a mix from Windows and Linux. A typical link to a local file in Windows would be file://C:/Users/... and in Linux file:///user/share/...
    On my Windows 8.1 system with Vivaldi 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) dev (32-bit) bookmarking a local file worked without any obstacle. On Devuan Jessie (Mate desktop environment) with Vivaldi 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) it is also flawless. On Windows I tested it with an mp3 file and after clicking the bookmark Vivaldi played the music.


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