Feature proposal: option how long history keep

  • Hello, Chromium browsers are not suitable for my purposes, because they don't keep history. I'm currently moving back to Firefox-based browsers from Opera Next, because Firefox stores history for unlimited time unlike for example Opera which keep it only for 90 days (?) like others Chromium browsers. Have switch how long keep history in Vivaldi would be great!

  • Moderator

    The history is clearly something that needs improving. I don't know how long it's kept. I was able to browse back to 22nd May, which may have been the last time I cleared my browsing history.

    In Opera 12.17 the history is limited to a number of addresses (10,000 or whatever you want), which can be changed in Preferences. It's a lot easier to browse than Vivaldi's though search is good enough to find most URLs in either case.

    I think we will get a History Tab, like in Opera 12.17, sooner or later. Maybe not too soon though, as there are other higher priorities like Email and Sync.


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