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  • Vivaldi Translator

    just tryied out the blog that vivaldi gives users...very nice and very good work...but there are some things that could be added or improved...for example... 1 add the ability to move photos between albums so we do not have to delete/upload again 2 when in home you can upload a photo but you cannot select in which folder...add the ability to select album directly 3 add the ability to upload viedos to vivaldi instead of relying only on a third part site (eg. vimeo, youtube) 4 user blogs are great but sometime they are hard to reach and sometime hard to navigate...would be nice to have the ability to set personal blog as a vivaldi community homepage to reach it faster, or give that a separate adress 5 improve general speed especially in mobile version... those things will surely (imho) make Vivaldi blogs more user friendly and more attractive... 🙂


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