Browser doesn't save last session anymore

  • Hi everyone, Suddenly the browser doesn't save my last session anymore after rebooting my pc. If i close the browser and open it again, my last tabs are still there. if i shut off/reboot my pc my last session won't show up. i'm on win 10 enterprise and i have no clue on what may have caused the issue. Any ideas?

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    Some extensions cause this.

  • Thanks Ayespy,
    Should i try to deactivate or eliminate to check what extension is causing this?

    I only have 4 extensions, ColorPick Eyedropper, Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail, Reddit Enhancement Suite and uBlock Origin but i'm pretty sure is ColorPick causing the problem since is the last one i installed.

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    You may disable them one at a time and see if anything changes. If it doesn't help, you will have to actually uninstall them, and add them back one at a time.

    Just this week I was trying to help a user and disabling the offending extension didn't help. He had to actually uninstall it.

    Of course before you do anything, double-check that your startup option (startup from last session) didn't somehow get changed.

  • Well i think you've pretty much answered your own question. Logically the forensic troubleshooting starting point is to uninstall that last extension & see if normal tab session retention behaviour is returned. I can tell you that uBlock Origin is highly unlikely to be the culprit (i & many others use it without such a problem].

    Oh rats – Ayespy posted his reply just before i did... i type too slowly. :P

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