Migrating to different PC, extensions are not available.

  • I've migrated my Vivaldi to a different pc/setup. I copied both the vivaldi program and the entire vivaldi folder from %localappdata%\Vivaldi from the old location to the new. All my settings seem to have transferred, including the last opened tabs, but not my extensions. They are present in the Default\extension folder as weird names, but vivaldi does not see them. If I then install one of the plugins, vivaldi magically remembers everything there is about that extension. Now, I don't want to install all extensions again. How can I transfer these extensions the proper way? Where are they stored? The registry maybe? I'm using Vivaldi x32 on Windows 10 x64: 1.2.490.43

  • Apparently, Vivaldi clears my Extension folder. I copy them back in, I start vivaldi, and boom, my extensions, except the one I installed manually dissappear.

    Does anyone know how to transfer extensions from one PC to the other? Apparently there's this special procedure that needs to be done.

  • Hi, this is not possible at the moment, extensions and passwords are not possible to transfer.
    We hope sync is comming soon. 🙂

    Cheers, mib

  • Really?

    God, that sucks… well, thanks for your quick answer. Is there a manual way? I mean, the extensions are doing something to install themselves right? So theoretically I should be able to modify a file and fix it. I just need to know what file to modify.

  • Unfortunately chrome extensions rely on Universally Unique identifier UUID, or Global Unique Identifier GUID
    which is generated by the browser and it's different for each OS installation.

    However, the extensions are still there, only disabled and hidden
    and if you install the extension again the settings are being kept.

    Annoying, but it's for security reasons.
    Unless there's some sort of Sync available, this is the only way around i've found.


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