Hover link address-popup (with status bar invisible)

  • As in Firefox: on [i][b]link hover[/b][/i] a lower left minimalistic popup should show target address. Users often hide status bar for vertical space. To view target address on link hover is essential.

  • Moderator

    The setting is available in menu/tools/settings/appearance. It is called "Show Status Info Overlay."

  • Oops.. Excellent! :)

  • To add to this: I have the "Show Status Info Layer" setting enabled but sometimes I want to see the entire status bar so I toggle it with Ctrl+Shift+S. After I'm done playing with the page actions or something else in the status bar I want to toggle it back but Ctrl+Shift+S now hides the entire status bar instead of goign back to the info overlay.

    Is it possible to make this jump between Show Status Bar and Show Status Overlay or maybe make it loop through the three options?

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