OS depended video codecs

  • Some of us need to take Vivaldi on a stick and run it on different non-standard windows installations that often miss audio/video codecs altogether, therefor making all kinds of videos unplayable, including many of youtube, FB, various blogs, many animated gifs and so on. Don't let us fall in the mercy of Chrome, which in Its all encompassing wisdom includes all necessary codecs in it. Please...

  • Vivaldi (under windows) relies on MS codecs, they are included on windows since the stone age.

    Then is possible that some older Windows has codecs unable to manage some few kinds of videos running on very recent encoding flavors and / or on tweaked with non standard encoding settings . But those are mostly problems of windows itself rather than Vivaldi problems.

    Other browsers may be not affected by those problems, because coming with bundled codecs (chrome) or because relying on any additional codecs, thanks to the lack of the sandboxing security (Opera 12/ FF/ and others).

  • @The_Solutor
    should i take that as "no", or an "unlikely" ? or a "highly unlikely" ? or…
    what is it ?


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