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  • From Vivaldi's main page: "Quick commands menu is highly customizable allowing you to create your own commands and run them instantly." There does not appear to be any documentation or discussion of this that I can find via search tools. How does one create their own command?

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    Shortcuts for all available commands can be modified in Settings, Keyboard.

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    it's also possible to create bookmarks shortcuts using their nicknames.

  • Thanks for your reply. Creating a shortcut for a command, or modifying a shortcut, is different from creating a command. Generally, a shortcut is something you use to execute something directly, via clicking on a desktop icon or using a keystroke combination, so that it isn't necessary to open and navigate a menu or type a lengthy command string in a terminal. Are you saying that this feature just refers to adding shortcuts for existing commands to the menu (a case of marketing people taking artistic liberties on a promotional web site)?

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  • Thanks. I had seen that search link but, again, didn't see a connection to creating a new command. So does the "create your own command" feature refer to using an indexed search to select an existing command via free-form text entry?

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