Speed Dial or SPAM Dial

  • I've wondered why after so many requests, that the devs won't make the speed dials editable. I add a site to speed dial and from then on I get a preview of that site on that day and it would never change or update, and I couldn't simply edit it to give it a nice logo. Then yesterday I discovered something. I visited a site I heard about that sells razor subscriptions....Harrys.com. I didn't sign up or anything. I poked around, checked prices and left. Later I noticed 1. Many of my supposed "static" speed dials suddenly had Harrys.com ads on part of them. 2. Other sites that serve ads now were serving me Harrys.com ads. Some of them even asking "Are you still interested in shopping at Harrys.com?" I have Chrome's AdBlock Plus installed in Vivaldi. Is this a Vivaldi issue? or a cookies/Harrys.com issue? Either way, I think it's a privacy issue, and I think I'm going back to Chrome!

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    Harry's is serving you ads because of cookies. Delete the offending cookies.

    Speed dials are not static, but when and why they refresh can be unpredictable. After you delete the cookies of the offending advertisers, then a manual refresh of a speed dial with ads you don't want (and if you go to that site you can block 3P cookies using the site settings under the drop-down that appears when you click on the far left end of the address bar) should show you a new page without them.

    Better cookie management and better privacy options will be coming to Vivaldi. In the meantime, you also have access to more granular cookie settings under chrome://settings/content

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    I use uBlock Origin, much better and lighter than Adblock. Besides regular cookies from the usual pages they are not a problem, but if these tracking cookies of certain websites. I delete them regularly, using Super Anti Spyware


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