Autohide taskbar desapier after exiting from twitch full mode.

  • So here is a problem. I have a Autohide taskbar, and he is working correctly on any browser exept vivaldi. When i exiting from twitch full mode he is just desapier and never come back, only when i press "windows button". I used both versions ov vivaldi x64 and x32 (now x32) and problem still there. I install a new latest version of windows 7 x64 and latest adobe flash player, but problem still there. I should note that this problem appeared after some new version of vivaldi (don't remember after which one) and still dont fixed. Here some screenshot which will show what I mean: 1.Before i go in fullscreen mode on twitch (cursor at the place where it should be taskbar, and he apears) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] 2. After i exit from twitch full mode (any cursor movements on screen dont show taskbar): [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [b] Anybody know how to fix it?[/b]

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    It's a long-standing bug, and apparently not easy to fix.

    To work around it, pressing the Window key seems to be the easiest method.


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