[Bug] Bugs that bother me.

  • Hi everyone. I'll just go straight to it: 1. While working with several windows, if you search using context menu feature (select text > search for "text"), tab with search results will be opened not on only in current window, but also in one of (or all of) vivaldi windows. [b]This also affects private windows![/b] Meaning, if you'll search for something in private window it can "leak" to not private window, thus [b]compromising privacy[/b]. 2. Active tab switches when you close a background tab. Previously active tab becomes active. Back and forth. 3. If you click a link in skype it'll be opened in last active window (correct) but the window that will be moved to the foreground will be the first [b]opened[/b] (created) vivaldi window. These are top 3 bugs that piss me off every day and all day long. 4. Sometimes tab slider (ctrl+tab) will "freeze", meaning when you release the buttons it'll still be on the screen. Click in any place will force it to disappear (can also choose needed tab on slider). Basically, when you release the buttons it "forgets" to switch the tabs and hide itself. 5. Sometimes (don't know how to reproduce) when you use tab cycling instead of prev tab it'll go to first tab in window. I think it only happens when the first tab was not yet loaded (e.g. if you open session). I'm using Vivaldi 1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) (32-bit). Windows 7 64-bit.


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