Vivaldi crashes when typing in the search "F2" box

  • I'm currently using ubuntu 16.04 I dont know much about how vivaldi works so I dont know what version I have installed but I believe it's the latest when I press F2 the searchbox appears, but when I start typing vivaldi just crash and re-opens itself so i can't use the box

  • Hi, you find version in Help > About menu
    Don´t crash for me, only lags at first letter on:

    Opensuse Leap 42.1 x86_64
    CPU Intel T4200 4 GB
    GPU Intel GN 965
    xf86-video-intel 2.99.917-6.1
    Vivaldi latest snapshot 1.3.519.23

    Cheers, mib

  • I have changed some computers with Archlinux from Firefox to Vivaldi-Snaphot. On this occasion once again I‘m searching the cause of this problem.

    The short commands (F2) cause an immediate crash of Vivaldi as soon as the first letter is entered.
    Vivaldi freezes completely, the Vivaldi processes must be terminated with killall vivaldi-bin (or sometimes Vivaldi reopens automatically). Neither Vivaldi was started via terminal nor via strace I get an error output.

    The crash is reproducible on my systems when the first entered letter in the search index occurs more frequently than about 2700 times. In order to find out the cause of crash, I have extracted "name" and "url" from file Bookmarks and counted the frequency of letters:

    Aa 8115  ==> crash
    Bb 2468  ==> ok
    Cc 5218  ==> crash
    Dd 5115  ==> crash
    Ee 14395 ==> crash
    Ff 2642  ==> ok
    Gg 3696  ==> crash
    Hh 4248  ==> crash
    Ii 10252 ==> crash
    Jj 342   ==> ok
    Kk 2499  ==> ok
    Ll 5862  ==> crash
    Mm 4137  ==> crash
    Nn 8261  ==> crash
    Oo 7940  ==> crash
    Pp 3601  ==> crash
    Qq 209   ==> ok
    Rr 8285  ==> crash
    Ss 7657  ==> crash
    Tt 8037  ==> crash
    Uu 4542  ==> crash
    Vv 1395  ==> ok
    Ww 4545  ==> crash
    Xx 1533  ==> ok
    Yy 1262  ==> ok
    Zz 706   ==> ok

    (The Bash-Script I used: Arch-Paste)

    Kernel: 4.10.4-1-ARCH x86_64
    DE: Xfce4 4.12.1
    Vivaldi-Snapshot 1.8.770.32-1 (fresh profile, no addons)
    Bookmarks: 636K | 1809 bookmarks

  • @WernerFP
    Power house system with generous resources also doesn't matter.
    I have same problem since beginning.

    I'm impress that you actually benchmark those letters. 👍🏽
    My bookmarks have countless of those letters. Un-common letter like qQ, xX or zZ less crash but still slow search if they do exist. Hence, the one that doesn't crash in your test there are those with less occurrence.
    My bookmarks also around 1800+.

    I have work around, but it's using extensions, which beat the purpose of Quick Command existence.


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