• Fedora Core 19 Mate desktop manager Downloaded and installed Clicked on the 'Settings' icon Found Vivaldi had set itself to be default browser - can't find a way to change that. Click on url box to add home page Screen locked up and mouse stopped working Even Alt+F4 doesn't work Reboot Try again - same result Uninstalled Sorry - this is worse than Chrome. Hope this helps David

  • Yes your post definitely helps. I don't think the tech demo is supposed to replace your current browser at this stage. Wait until its no longer a demo.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    This section of the forum is for help with the site. The section for the browser is labelled "Vivaldi Browser"
    Please bare in mind that "Chrome Browser" is a mature and complete product, and Vivaldi is an early test version.
    It is not complete yet.

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