Window decorations and proxy

  • Hi, I decided to give your new browser a spin. So far, I've run into two issues which are show-stoppers for me. My environment: Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 "wheezy", server 1.12.4 I don't use any integrated desktop environment (like Gnome or KDE). Instead I use Window Maker window manager. The first thing I noticed is that Vivaldi browser does not use default window decorations provided by the enviroment. It may be fine on some other desktops but for me, it creates a problem. I can't drag or resize the browser window or any other dialog. The mouse pointer changes on the edges, but any clicking or dragging does nothing. The second issue is the possibility of setting an http(s) proxy. My desktop does not provide such setting so, it needs to be set in the application. Otherwise, it's reasonably fast and renders well. Thanks. I hope the issues will be resolved in next revisions.

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