Why does Vivaldi ask me to login to Chrome?

  • Hi, I have set my start page to be the tabs from last session, but instead Vivaldi is asking me to sign into Chrome every time (it opens a new tab for that). After I've signed in I just see a white page, so I don't really get why I have to do this. And if that's needed why doesn't it just remember that password... Also in Chrome I get auto-signed in to Facebook or Spotify, Vivaldi remembers the password, but have to manually sign in every time. Is that how it's supposed to work or do I have a wrong setting somewhere? Thanks, Nicole

  • Moderator

    This is not how Vivaldi works. SOMETHING is not quite right. Is one of your "last session" tabs a Google account of some kind? It would have to be something other than, say, just email, because when I start Vivaldi it opens 3 gmail accounts every day without asking for a login.

  • It may also be an extension asking for the log-in.

  • Ah, it was the Google Keep extension! I've disabled it and now it stopped asking for the login! Thanks!


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