Cartridges vs Optical Disks

  • When I was a kid, I played SNES, N64, some Sega at friends houses, DS/3DS, and then onto the optical disk consoles like PS/PS2/PS3/PS4, Gamecube, Wii/Wii U, Xbox/360/One, and so on. Cartridges always seemed to never have loading times, never had to download on the console's hard drive, because cartridges held all the data of the game in there anyway, and with today's technology, SD cards have capacities just as large or even larger than Blu Ray discs, have MUCH faster read and write speeds than Blu Ray, and carts in general are far more durable and have less problems and complications than optical disks and optical disk drives. Carts are a bit more expensive than discs it seems, but if Nintendo ditched the disc drive, it could save $20 per unit on optical disk drives for each of their consoles. I've been reading rumors, and their rumors but they would make sense if Nintendo did so, that for their next console, the NX, they might ditch optical disks for cartridges again. I would LOVE the idea of this happening, and I'm looking at getting back into the console world. I don't have a Wii U, but I'd like to get an NX just for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here's a video with a rumor discussion of Nintendo possibly making their next NX console being cartridge-based: [url=][/url] If it's like an SD card, it could also work with a handheld NX console, which may be what they mean when they say it'll be a "brand new concept". I don't know how many here are young enough to have played console games, but who else likes the idea?

  • Chip based software will always be better than optical media. Even the VHS tape format was more compatible than disc media where you have dye and laser quality differences. I used to find a lot of incompatibility with such a media and it will be the same the CD, DVD or Blu-Ray.

  • I didn't know that about VHS tapes. The thing I don't love about VHS tapes is how easy it was to mess up the tape inside the casing, but cartidges, like chips, Nintendo cartridges, SD cards, SSDs, etc. are all great technology and vastly superior to optical media. It's looking more and more like Nintendo NX will be cartridge-based, and that makes me excited for it.


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