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  • Okay, I know we can drag an image in the [b]Profile Cover[/b] Pic location so as to position it however we want it. That said, I'd rather want to be able to upload an image of the EXACT size that fits into the canvas size of that Profile Cover Pic. [b]So ... what ARE the exact dimensions of the Profile Cover Pic?[/b] So far I did my best to estimate the dimensions. At first I started out with 650 x 235px. That was not quite right. I then tried 690 x 225px. That seemed to be pretty much vertically correct, but was a bit wide. I then tried 680 x 225px. By the bevel now seemingly being correct on all 4 sides, I would THINK that I am close with the dimensions. But, if so, this brings up another issue. Why is the quality of the image being washed out from the quality of the image that I actually uploaded? I ran into this very same issue over on Blogger and I was informed that the Google + Image Enhancer being enabled by default was to blame. Is there some similar Image Enhancer or SOMETHING here on Vivaldi that is modifying / washing out the quality of the original image there in the Profile Cover?

  • Nnnnggg, well, 940 x 350px might be the size of the default image that is behind that WINDOW, but the window itself of what we actually get to see is no 940px wide. 940px would be more like the width of the entire White area of the Vivaldi Blogs.

    Maybe I need to rephrase / tweak my question.
    What are the dimensions of the WINDOW itself that is in front of the images that can be dragged behind it?

    Cuz bottom line, I don't want Vivaldi or some other mysterious entity taking liberty to resize the image and siphon out quality. Something is definitely watering down the quality of my Profile Cover Pic somewhere in between when I upload it to when it actually displays. And I'm curious to know what I need to set or do so that the image displays with the exact quality as the image that was uploaded.

    On MyOpera, the images displayed with the exact quality of whatever image was uploaded. Now on Blogger and here on the Vivaldi Profile Cover Pic I've encountered an issue of mysterious loss of image quality.

  • When you use the "+ New Blog Post" , there is a "Media manager", then "My albums / Cover photos" . And clicking on the picture you may customize it apparently ? … I wonder if there is a help manual for this new social network :dry: ?

  • I guess they've got an eye on bandwidth. Have you tried one of the color optimisation editors, like the one at dynamic drive. It might then let you squeak thru something closer to what you want.
    I can't see how to upload a profile pic on Android 4.3 using Opera Classic. ( I missed it on sign up, thinking I could easily go back to it). Very sluggish interface aswell for me, worse than blogspot, which is saying something.
    Hope they can keep the spammers out of here better than Opera, otherwise it's sunk before it starts.

  • Cover image seems to be resized with background-size: cover (I really wish there wasn't any transition there, though…). As for dimensions, dev tools say that the block is 698x233. Although I'm not sure it'll remain that way as currently page width is painfully low.

  • I have no idea what that Dynamic Drive is, 53North. Yeah, even over on Blogger, even though no one confirmed it, I suspected that maybe they do possibly have like a limit on what File Size of image one can insert in the Header there.

    There on Blogger my 1st Header downright looked like ____, well you know, NOT very good. LOL There was some mysterious washing out of the quality going on. I then created another Header and upped the Photoshop Resolution from the default 72.009px per Inch Resolution … to 100px per Inch Resolution and got better quality results on my 2nd Header. But, I could tell that there was still some unexplainable loss of quality going on.

    Someone on the Blogger Forums then informed me that the Google + Image Enhancer being enabled by default was the culprit that was robbing the quality. However, I'm not totally convinced that that is the only culprit. I still think that Blogger is purposely robbing KBytes from the Header images over there.

    And thus, I wonder whether Vivaldi is doing the same thing here.

  • I mean, if there's going to be a File Size Limit on what image we can use for our Profile Cover Pic, it would at least help if it was specified there at the beginning of the process of selecting an image. This way we wouldn't waste time trying to fix a problem that isn't really a problem, but rather a File Size Limit.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the 698 x 233px size of the Profile Cover Pic window, Tenno-seremel.

    A little bit later I'll whip up a Profile Cover Pic image of exactly those dimensions and see if that helps get rid of the washed out look.

    I guess it's conceivable that with my image being 680 x 225 … MAYBE it was automatically upsized / resized by Vivaldi to fit the 698 x 233px window and thus, that would certainly cause a non-ideal look. We'll see.

  • Well, I already whipped up and installed a new Profile Cover Pic with those new dimensions of 698 x 233px and Nnnnggg NOPE! It didn't make a bit of difference. There is still quality / resolution being pilfered somewhere along the line by who knows what for who knows what reason.

  • Try PNG maybe, if you tried JPEG previously. No idea %)

  • Sounds like a good idea, Tenno-seremel.
    I'll try that a little bit later … as long as I can create it without having it yield a Sasquatch footprint on the File Size. :lol:

  • The image quality may be suffering at the caching server. I do not know for sure, but I will try to find out.

  • Excellent, Debbie! :) Thanks!
    Cuz that – using a PNG image -- idea that I finished trying out a while ago didn't pan out. The File Size was too huge.

  • I found out what is going on. We do some image compression on the origin server, "but not very much".

  • Thanks, Debbie!
    One issue resolved.

  • Hey, just signed up and it seems I'm unable to upload said "cover pic". The uploader (is that flash? or html5?) just seems to timeout…Any ideas? Thx.

    Issue still exists.

    Workaround; I ctreated an new lbum, uploaded the pic for the cover photo, after the upload completed clicked the menu for the pic and chose Set as Cover Photo or some such wording.

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