Vivaldi reopens only one of 2 Sessionwindows

  • Vivaldi reopens only one of 2 Sessionwindows After closing Vivaldi( 2 open windows) the next Startup shows me only the second Window ! shock ! the first had a lot of important Tabs! i opened the Files: LastSession LastTab with Editor andi can see this Files contain the url of this important Tabs. Reame the Files to current and restart vivaldi ends with no sucsess. What does the file LastSession LastTap ? How can i restore this Session ?? thanks a lot :)

  • This is still happening to me. I just lost a whole bunch of tabs. Very sad about that :'(

    Is there a way to restore a whole previous window?

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    @killerrat It is usually in the trashcan on the tab bar.

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    Tip: If you open more than one window, use Exit on the File menu (or Alt F4) rather than closing windows with the X button.

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