First impression feedback + suggestions

  • Hi! First of all - loving the new browser (mostly)! I like the move for a Webkit render engine and supporting more web standards. I know it's a tech preview so it's reasonable that Extensions, Sync etc are missing. But I do have a few [b]requests[/b]: [ul] [li]* Tab stack expanding - like the old Opera had. It's just too slow to hover on the tab and then click a sub-tab. Plus it's good to have only relevant tab groups open and other ones closed, depending what I'm currently working on[/li] [li]* Tab stack close button should close only the current tab, not the whole group - I've lost quite a few stack already because of this[/li] [li]* Tab thumbnail coloring - There should be an option to turn off the greyscale thumbnails. Thumbnails are a really fast way to spot the tab's (you don't have to read the title of the tab, only take a glimpse of the thumbnail), but when they don't have color, it's kinda useless[/li] [li]* Bookmark dropdown - I don't have the side panel visible all the time and navigating to it to get my bookmarks takes too long. Also, bookmarks should not need a double click in the sidebar - they should be links (+ middle click should open it in a new tab).[/li] [li]* New tab settings - I'd like the new tab to open the homepage, not the speeddial, so it should be customisable.[/li] [li]* Developer tools only in new window? I'd like them to be docked to the browser.[/li] [/ul] [b]Bugs[/b]: [ul] [li]* Can't group tabs in vertical tab bar?[/li] [li]* Can't pan with mouse on a zoomed in image[/li] [/ul] That's what I've found so far. I'll keep this topic updated as I have new ideas. Keep it up!

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