Best Browser Many thanks

  • Good Day Gentlemen I have been Using this Browser For 2 or 3 months now and I have never been this happy with a Browser this Much Just wanted to say Thank You to every one and the Team I would Love if any one can give me tips and trick on tweaking it more if not Available no big deal and yes I have seen there is more then enough info on the Site 😎 But what I mean Is best Extensions or ad-dons what every You guys are using these days I am also A big Fan of Steam community and did find 2 extensions But if you know any up to date once or anything you recommend Many thanks I Love this Browser it has mad my Life EZ

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    I don't use extensions, but Web Panels are useful.

    Add a web panel for Google Translate, Vivaldi Bug Report Wizard, Vimeo Upload. or your favourite YouTube Channel

    Open the panel to do some routine tasks without losing the current tab.

  • This is not just an exclusive Gentlemens' Club, y'know? There's also women here.

    Some nice user-info:

    Though there's lots i love about Vivaldi, probably my top favourites are Scaleable UI, Web Panels, Tab Stacks & Tiles, & multiple Speed Dials.

    Extensions i find useful:





  • @Steffie

    Thank you for this Wonderful help I Think i will need them all

    I am not sure about Web Panels I will have to look into this I dont think i have Used them before

    Thank you

    Ladies and Gentlemen I am happy to be part of the Community

    thanks again Pesala :cheer:


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