Vivaldi Everywhere (Not necessarily a bad thing, but…)

  • I am running Vivaldi Snapshot on Arch Linux. When I am using i3 everything works as expected. Lately I have been running KDE Plasma again, and I have noticed that when I open Vivaldi it appears on every activity that I have open. Only on one desktop within each activity at a time, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having activities in the first place (keeping things separated). I have not been able to find anything in Vivaldi's settings to deal with this, but there are a lot of settings and I am just beginning to learn them. The only other thing that acts like this is a little weather app that I have which appears on every activity at the same time also. Perhaps there is something that can be done within Plasma but, although I am familiar with Plasma, there are a lot of settings there as well, and some of them are kind of hidden. Any help would be appreciated. I absolutely love Vivaldi, especially the ability to personalize the themes. I have created at least twenty different variations since we gained that particular ability, but I am finally settling on one or two, Ok maybe three. LOL If it is not possible to restrict Vivaldi to just one activity at a time now, perhaps it would be possible to add a feature that would address this in the future. We love you Vivaldi Team, keep up the good work!

  • Hi & welcome chardo137

    This is offered to you only as information [ie, you're not alone], as i know it won't explicitly solve your problem [ie, i do not know the problem root cause, nor its solution, but i certainly have experienced the symptoms]. UPDATE – maybe it might solve it for you after all***

    I've used Vivaldi since early 2015, & adopted it as my default browser in Feb 2015. In the early days i used "Beta" [since morphed into "Stable"] & Developer/Snapshot versions, though for the last ~year i use only the Snapshot version. In my Mint KDE i use 9 VDs per Activity, & 3 Activities. For a lot of 2015, V also behaved for me identically as described by you; it appeared on the same VD in each Activity [which puzzled & annoyed me]. I cannot tell you when [not even approximately, as i'd not even thought of this problem til now, reminded by your Post], but "sometime" this misbehaviour simply stopped. Eg, right now for me, V-1.3.519.23 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) is open on VD3 of A1… & appears ONLY there. Conversely, there are two other programs i also run daily, which continue to exhibit that old [for me; current, for you] misbehaviour … FireJail FireTools, & WPS Office.

    I do not know if the root cause is something wrong in KDE itself, or if the target client program/s are not coded correctly for the KDE Plasma DE. Hence i do not know if my V problem went away because V-devs fixed it [seems improbable** given it's still an active problem for you], or if maybe last year my KDE might have been an earlier version than i now have (i always promptly apply the Mint updates], so maybe a Mint KDE Plasma version bugfix came through sometime that is not in Arch?

    ** or maybe not. Being Mint (–> Ununtu --> Debian] i use the V Deb Snapshots, but does Arch use the RPM version [maybe something fixed in Deb is still wrong in RPM?]? Thinking more about it, this hypothesis seems logically attractive to me, as it would then be consistent with FireTools & WPS Office still being "faulty" [ie, not coded appropriately for KDE Plasma]. IF so, then your solution would logically flow on from V Devs applying the same "Deb fix" to V-RPM.

    Suggestion for you to test; if you're not already using it try activating this, then restarting V, then see if the problem stops:


    *** I also run Kubuntu 16.04 [w/ KDE 5.5.5] in a VM, & its V SS also behaves correctly for me as per my Mint OS. However, i tested now by de-selecting Native Window & restarting V… in this mode, V once again appears on all Activities!! Thinking back, i suspect it was this specific setting which cured the problem for me, sometime last year [early versions of V didn't have this setting option].

    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.

  • Thank you, you were exactly correct. Switching to Native Window made Vivaldi behave as expected. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

  • Well that's nice to hear that it's now good for you.

    BTW, your "can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future" is misdirected… i'm just an ordinary user, like you.


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