Slack in web panel?

  • Hi all, Has anyone managed to have slack running in web panel? I tried "Show Desktop Version" when right clicking on the slack panel icon, but it indicates it [i]"Sorry, it looks like you're on a platform we don't yet support. Want to use Slack on a platform besides iOS, Android, or Windows?"[/i] Would be nice to be able to pop Slack in/out when needed! Cheers DC

  • I didn't notice that slack changed it's behavior lately.

    And I didn't notice because slack was not webpanel friendly even when it was used to work.

    The idea that lead me to suggest the webpanel as mobile (by default) never worked with slack because they don't have a mobile version of the website, relegating it to the app alone.

    Personally I use slack as a pinned tab which proved to be a better solution for that very website.


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