Bookmarks Toolbar please

  • I know many people are happy with Speed Dial but I prefer a Bookmarks Toolbar. This is available as an option in the Chromium browser so it should be easy for developers to implement. This may be on their to do list but, if not, I would like to request it.

  • I'm alright with the current bookmarks option being included in the side panel however I agree to at least make a bookmarks toolbar (preferably along the top I am sure) an option.

  • I cannot use a browser without a bookmark bar (first versions of new Opera was pain).

  • Vivaldi Team

    It is on the list. 🙂

    Our goal is that you should get things your way. We aim to provide you with a lot of flexibility. Clearly this is one thing we will offer as well.

  • Awesome.

    I think it is great you legitimately want to listen to the community and build Vivaldi for what we say we want and would like to see. If you keep down this track of developing this great product that way I see Vivaldi's user base rising fast in the future…many former other browser faithful...including Opera.

  • I also ask for your bookmarks bar.This is necessary as in the opera 12xxx

  • I used to love Opera, but their attitude became terrible.

    Some bright spark in Opera decides it's a great idea to use a new innovation called Speed Dial. There was just one problem, it you had a stack of bookmarks, all neatly arranged in the Opera bookmarks toolbar, you could no longer access them.

    Speed dial was a totally impractical as a replacement to the bookmarks toolbar. All hell breaks loose on the Opera forums, which is initially totally ignored by Opera. Opera had the arrogant attitude that they new far better than their customers what was right for them.

    Finally, Opera relented and has now reintroduced the bookmarks toolbar.

    Sorry Opera, it's too late, I've switched to Vivaldi, a browser that will actually listen to it's customers.

    It's a shame, I loved Opera at one time.

  • Uhh, there already IS a bookmark toolbar. Check your settings before posting, guys.

  • @Ibuuyk:

    Uhh, there already IS a bookmark toolbar. Check your settings before posting, guys.

    To be fair, if you check the dates on the OP and most of the subsequent posts, this thread was active at a time when there indeed was no bookmarks bar in Vivaldi. It only appeared in one of the early updates to TP1.

  • Ah, my bad. Didn't check the date.

  • @Ibuuyk:

    Ah, my bad. Didn't check the date.

    Been there, done that myself. The lesson I've learned (hopefully) is that if I stumble on something really glaring and obviously wrong about a thread, there's a better-than-even chance there's actually something wrong in how I'm looking at it. 😉


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