Thank you

  • A while ago i made a topic not so nice trowing shit around for no reason.It took me a while to realize this is a free product and people are trying to do something good and expect nothing in return, but joy and nice words from people using their product. I can see progress and most of the things i didn't like are gone and i am back to vivaldi once more.Is not as snappy as other browsers, but you guys made huge progress in a sort period of time and for that you have my gratitude. I know in time all will improve and for now i have to say thank you and keep going, you are doing a great job.

  • Moderator

    One good feature of this forum is that users can edit their posts at any time to remove foul language and other inappropriate rants when they realise that such behaviour doesn't enhance their reputation, and may damage their chances of getting help or support for their ideas and feature requests.

    Not to make the mistake in the first place is obviously much better, but at least here one can rectify them.

    Vivaldi is still some way off from being my default browser, but I find that I use it more and more as the months go by.


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