Tabs are closing automatically after exit

  • Hi everyone. I have a problem. My Vivaldi close tabs after exiting browser but in settings I point not to close tabs and resume it when starting. Win10, last Vivadi. What should I do?

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    What version of Vivaldi do you use? Do you have extensions?

  • I`ve written about Vivaldi yet - last version, 1.2.490.43.

    Yes, I have. "uBlock origin" and "Browsec".

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    The latest version is now Snapshot 1.3.519.25

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    Make sure you have "Startup with last session" checked in settings, and disable your extensions, and see what happens.

  • Nothing happens. Looks like it doesn`t depend on extensions.

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    Find your profile path under menu/help/about. Close Vivaldi. Temporarily rename the "Default" folder and see if that fixes it.

    If it does, you can move your vital data from the old renamed folder to the new one Vivaldi created when you started it up again.

  • No. It didn`t help.

  • I noticed that if I just close Vivaldi tabs are present when I launch it but if I shutdown system and then start Vivaldi tabs disapear. I have no any cleaners or any programms.

    Any advices?

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    Are your Vivaldi Application and User Data folders stored in the normal location under User/AppData/Local?

  • Exactly.

  • settings I point not to close tabs and resume it when starting.

    Cant find these settings.
    Are you set "Last Session" in settings > start?
    I am on Vivaldi 1.3.519.23 snapshot.

    Cheers, mib

  • This is what I`m talking about :) Yes, it is set.

    This begins after I installed Browsec extension. Could someone proove if?

    Moreover I noticed that pinched tabs don`t close in all cases.

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    I was beginning to suspect that Bowsec might be your problem - but nothing in the description of the extension makes it clear that it can/will prevent storage of browser data. Evidently it does, even when it is "disabled." (you said that the problem persists when you disable extensions, as I recall.

    It would appear the only solution to your problem for now is either to not use that extension with Vivaldi, or to tolerate the loss of tabs from last session. A lot of Vivaldi functions are performed using scripts. It's mosty MADE of javascript. A lot of browser security programs. apps and extensions block scripts.

  • Yes.
    It was the problem.

    Thanx for all, problem is solved.

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