How do I play streaming radio stations???

  • Hi I listen to many radio stations online, but can't with Vivaldi as it does nothing when any of the links are clicked on. These links are .m3u, mp3 etc and are already associated with Winamp on my pc. How can I get Vivaldi to launch Winamp to play these, as Firefox, Internet Explorer etc already do? Thanks

  • I had the same problem and solved it by installing Adobe Flash Player:

  • Yeah, but that would only help when the stations use Flash Player. It has no relevance for stations which have an mp3/m3u/pls streams.

  • Strange that doesn't give you a download popup. When i click on a m3u or pls, Vivaldi asks to save/save as/open, click on open and Winamp starts with the added radio playlist, I don't have Winamp configured to auto play but to enqueue, so I just have to select the new playlist at bottom and listen to it.

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