Startup errors

  • I'm using 1.2.490.43 () (32-bit) and have my startup option set to Last Session. HOwever, when I restart, I just get the start page and have to reopen the tabs via the bin icon. When I do that, the previously stacked tabs are restored unstacked.

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    What extensions, if any, do you have installed?

  • I have Adblock Plus, chrome IPass, FBPurity, HTTPS Everywhere, IBA opt-out and Mixmax. I disabled them all and Vivaldi restarted OK. Later on, I'll go through them to find out which one causes the problem and updated this report.

  • Sigh - I disabled them all, then enabled them one by one and when they were all enabled, it still restarted properly. Sigh - one of those gremlins, but if it happens again, I'll try the same procedure.

  • I am sure that it was MixMax. But thanks for the tip! After disabling and enabling MixMax my browser is working as usual!

    Nevertheless, a fix from Vivaldi would be most pleasant.

  • However, after restarting PC, the browser still behaves the same (losing all tabs and need to reopen from bin icon). The only difference is that it only the first time I open my browser. If I close and reopen my browser, the problem is not there. It only occurs on the first time I open Vivaldi after booting my PC.


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