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  • I don't like current implementation of a local search in Vivaldi. When I press on F3 (request for search) the whole page goes down to free space needed for the search bar on the top of that page. Do we need to see that content move all the times we start a local search? I don't think so. Especially if we can easily see how it's done in other Chromium-based browsers. They simply show overlay box at the top of the page, keeping the page layout / position intact. For example Iron does exactly that. No page jumping up or down is needed... And second, users expect, that pressing F3 first time opens search box and pressing on F3 next time closes that box. Why it's not implemented this way in Vivaldi? Is there any reason I have to start search with keyboard (pressing F3) and close it with mouse (clicking on 'X' icon)?

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    You may submit a feature request at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html

    When you do, I suggest you adopt a polite tone rather than a challenging/critical one. You will improve your chances of getting a favorable response that way.

  • I know (from my experience), that I won't have any feedback from submitting a new feature there. So, I don't see any point to take my time and duplicate it there while I already published it in this thread.

    BTW, thank you for your time replying to my posts.

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    You submit a feature request to get it in front of developer eyes. No, you won't get feedback, but you will reach the developers more directly than commenting here. If a lot of people make a given request, the developers may begin to focus on it, even though they do not comment publicly prior to its release. If only one person, ever, makes a request, then it will go into the queue along with the couple of thousand other requests that have also been made, but have not received broad support.


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