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  • Why browser doesn't show estimate time left to complete download? I download large file (let say 400 MiB) and the only information it shows me is: 10.0/400 MB It's frustrating, that I can't see how long the download will take, especially in case of big files... Other Chromium-based browsers can show it. For example, Slimjet shows: 10.0/400 MB, 34 mins left And second, why don't use status bar to show that info (as other browsers do)? Why I have to open the whole left-side panel (F4), taking useful page space, just to see the download status?..Please use status bar to show the status...

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    This data as displayed by browsers is notoriously unreliable.

    However, you can see it at vivaldi://downloads. It's not built in to the UI yet.

    If you like, you can set vivaldi://downloads as a panel that you can open any time you are downloading, or as a bookmark.

  • I understand that the data is unreliable. But it's better, than have no data at all! Especially if one uses power saving scheme, that puts computer to sleep after a while, and needs to download the file uninterrupted… At least Vivaldi may show current download speed from the web site and let me make those (unreliable) calculations by myself...

    And why don't use status bar to show the download status???

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    Why not show it in the status bar?

    I imagine because the developers felt all download information should go in one spot. The fact that it can show speed was only recently added. I expect "time remaining" will be along in time.

  • I see, but the one convenient place to show status is already exists - it's status bar. In Vivaldi opening panel on left side shifts page content to the right. Then I have a choice - either to watch download status with left panel opened and read squeezed web content OR see content normally and don't know current download status… Using existing status bar on the bottom of the browser is a logical way to achieve / do the both...

    From my experience I usually need estimated time. Speed may help only to calculate the latter.

  • I second this one. It would be really handy to have a status of the current download show up in the status bar. Having to open the side panel and close it again to see if a download has started and how far along it has come is an constant annoyance with an easy fix.

  • I'm not seeing speed but rather the "Downloaded" vs. "Total Size of Download" in the panel. It would be nice to see the kbps (or KBps) in the Downloads Panel like Opera (or IE) used to do. As a WISP would rather see kbps less confusion explaining difference to customers.

  • @ayespy Nobody expects to get precise calculation, since download speeds are not constant, but it is fine to get an idea on how long the download will probably take.

    Edit: Oh, it is already implemented! I noted that word "seconds" is not translated though. 🙂


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